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As a young child I grew up taking art classes at the Toledo Museum of Art with my dad. We shared a love of art. It inspired my BS in Industrial Design/Visual Communications from Ohio Sate. I took photography courses but just as a hobby. After college I started my career as an art director, and had the pleasure of working along side many talented photographers. I didn't return to photography until after I got married and had my first child. It was like I had two new loves. My baby girl and photography. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed being behind the camera. I started my business after walmart wouldn't give me my photos because they said they were taken by a professional. How do you prove you took your own photos? You send your big bad husband to pick them up. Ha! So that's how my studio was born. I'll be updating this blog with some of my favorites photos. If you're interested in setting up a shoot send me an email whitbrennan@yahoo.com or give me a call 614-832-7434. Thanks!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Barefeet, pumpkins and glamour shots

Thanks to mama K for bring the girls over for this shoot. I always wanted a sister growing up so I get such a kick out of these two running around together. The outtakes crack me up! :)

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  1. These photos are really unbelievable. I have always wanted to get Glamour Shots done of my my niece and nephew as a present to my sister. If they come out half as good as these i will be so thrilled.